What is Caritas?

  • Caritas is love, mercy and charity.
  • Caritas is the Church and the Church is Caritas.
  • Caritas is the mission of Church in service, proclamation of Faith and living the Word.
  • Caritas as an ordered service of charity by the Church.
  • The Mission of Charity is a pedagogical work of building a community of love and solidarity, a charity that liberates and a charity that restores Social Justice for the poorest.

Caritas Organisation

Caritas Internationalis was founded in 1955 as a confederation with the sole purpose of promoting socio-pastoral mission of the Church and animator of Charity. It is composed of 165 Caritas present all over the world and it is one of the vast faith based solidarity network.  The members come under seven regional Caritas and meet once every four years at the General assembly to take decisions and orientations for the confederation. Caritas is entrusted with the Socio-Pastoral mission and as such the mission of Caritas is part of the mission of the Church. Its founding values and guiding principles are inspired by the Gospel values and the Catholic Social Teachings.  

Caritas Triple Identity

  • Caritas is the social arm of the Catholic Church under the leadership of the Bishop.
  • Caritas is organised at different levels in the Diocese: parish and small Christian communities.
  • Caritas has a capillary presence in society in order to fulfil and carry out effectively the work of Charity
  • The work of Caritas is one of the three dimensions of the mission of the Catholic Church : that is diakonia, Martyra Kerygma and Litourgia.
  • Caritas as the socio-pastoral instrument of the Church, along with the other Church organisations and under the leadership of the Bishop is called to implement the work of Charity in coordination with the other services of the Church (IEN).
  • The Mission of Charity is a pedagogical work of building a community of love and solidarity as in the early church, a charity that liberates and a charity that restores Social Justice for the poorest.

Caritas – A Mission of the Church

  • The work of charity entrusted to Caritas is a mission entrusted by the Church
  • It is an instrument for expressing God’s love and concern for the poor.
  • Caritas is also an opportunity for the Church. It is one of the organized means to implement the work of charity on a concrete day to day basis.
  • Caritas is bread shared and love for the neighbour lived on a day to day basis.
  • The mission of Caritas is also, through witnessing, building a community of love, care and sharing as the early Christians communities.
  • Caritas is also entrusted with the mission of mobilising the Christian communities to live the Beatitudes through concrete action of Charity in the parishes and also in the basic Christian communities.

Diocesan Road Map

  • Report back to Bishops.
  • Involve clergy through Bishop’s circular letter.
  • Deans to promote the message and Caritas.
  • Keep deaneries updated – inform all parish pastoral councils.
  • Workshop on Caritas for all stakeholders in the Diocese.
  • Diocesan Caritas General Assembly.
  • Interim Caritas Diocesan Committee should: discuss constitution and policies; register Caritas; open a bank account, facilitate parish Caritas representatives.
  • Design and approve a Diocesan Disaster Management Plan.
  • Create a plan for capacity building and institutional strengthening.

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